HANOI (Xinhua) – The 13th meeting of ASEAN Sub- Committee on Information (SCI 13) opened in Vietnam‘s central Da Nang city on Tuesday, attracting high-ranking information officials from the ten ASEAN member countries and representatives of their mass media.

Held annually and hosted rotationally by the member countries, the conference this year for the first time invited three dialogue countries of China, Japan and South Korea to participate (SCI 13 + 3), in lines with instructions approved by leaders at the second meeting of ASEAN Ministers of Information Plus Three (2nd AMRI + 3) in Malaysia on March 1 this year.

At the plenary meeting of the SCI 13, participants heard decisions by the high-ranking ASEAN officials. They also heard reports about implementations of the plans of actions and communications of the ASEAN socio-culture pillar, as well as the master plan for ASEAN connectivity.

Participants discussed before approving related plans to be implemented in 2012 and 2013, including those on changing television digital technology in ASEAN countries by the year 2020, and exchange of radio and television news among ASEAN countries.

With a goal of improving awareness about ASEAN and mutual understanding among member countries to build up an impetus for development of the ASEAN common community, the SCI has implemented effectively many projects in ASEAN countries.

As scheduled, at the SCI 13 + 3 to be held on Wednesday, participants will be updated with pledges made by ASEAN leaders and the three dialogue countries, and review plans to make those pledges become true for closer relationship between ASEAN and those three countries through information exchange and the mass media.

Since becoming a member of ASEAN in 1995, Vietnam has actively participated in activities of the community and contributed greatly to its development, said Vietnamese Deputy Minister of Information and Communications Do Quy Doan at the plenary meeting.

Vietnam has integrated more and more in the regional information activities and together with other members promoted cultural and information exchange for better mutual understanding, solidarity, cooperation and friendship, and for the goal of building a common ASEAN community by 2015, said the Vietnamese official.

Vietnam is preparing for the establishment of a national ASEAN information coordination office, and a national plan of communications to simultaneously implement the national communications plan in all three pillars of political security, economy and socio-culture, Doan added.

Source: philstar.com


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