BANGKOK, 11 June 2011: Cambodia’s Ministry of Tourism says more airlines should serve the country this year possibly from Japan, Russia, India and Indonesia.

Ministry of Tourism deputy director, marketing and promotion, Lor Thoura, told TTR Weekly at the Thailand Travel Mart Plus last week that the Ministry of Tourism was hoping to attract more airlines to the country from emerging tourist markets.

“It will require cooperation with the State Secretariat of Civil Aviation to move the plan forward,” he said.

Even without direct flights, Japan was the fourth top supplier after Vietnam, Korea and China and that positive trend continues with a +6.6% at the end of 2011 and +10.6% at the end of Q1 this year.

Russia is a rising star. By the end of 2011, arrivals almost doubled over 2010, +98.3%, supplying 67,747 vsiits. During January to March this year, the Russian market came in at ninth place (+49.6%,).

Arrivals from India are also higher (+12.5% to 15,240 in 2011), but the deputy director said due to the religious influence of Hindu and Buddhism the market has potential to grow much further.

Indonesia, a small market  at present, shows impressive growth potential (+25.2% to 15,817) in 2011. Apart from Brunei and Indonesia, all ASEAN countries have air links with Cambodia.

Mr Thoura added the government has a project to upgrade Rattanak Kiri Airport in the northeast to facilitate travel to that area.

The northeast provinces such as Rattanak Kiri, Kratie and Stung Treng are ecotourism areas, but facilities need to be upgraded.

Source: TTR Weekly


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